Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Ban or Not to Ban...

Alcoholic Energy Drinks, such as Four Loko, have already been banned in Washington state after nine Central Washington University students were hospitalized after reportedly drinking the caffeinated malt liquor beverage. Serious concerns about the health risks these types of drinks may cause have grown nation wide. In addition to Washington, four other states, New York, Utah, Michigan and Oklahoma, have taken steps to remove alcoholic energy drinks from store shelves.

Oregon officials are considering applying a similar ban and would like the the Food and Drug Administration to issue an expedited ruling on the safety of the ever-so-popular alcoholic-caffeinated energy drinks.

Has anyone tried what's often referred to as "black out in a can"? Did you enjoy it? Did you feel any unpleasant affects? What do you guys think - should these types of drinks be banned in Oregon? Please share your experiences and opinions with DRG.