Saturday, September 11, 2010

We've All Thought We've Known a Bride From Hell - Until You Meet this Bride From Hell

According to the sassy crime victim news correspondent diva, otherwise known as Nancy Grace, 23-year-old Jessica Vega pretended to have terminal cancer so she could attract sympathy from friends, relatives and strangers alike who stepped in to give her a dream wedding - FOR FREE! The rings, the wedding dress and the photos all were donated. The catering hall was heavily discounted, and the (awful) bride and her (dumb as a doornail) groom flew off to their honeymoon in Aruba with donated money, using plane tickets bought by well-wishers.

Apparently, the jig was up when Vega's rocket scientist husband, Michael O'Connell, finally realized that his long-time partner (and mother of his child) didn't appear to be ill.

According to various news sources, a criminal investigation is pending.

So our question to all you Matlock wannabes: What could she be charged with and/or convicted of?


  1. Theft by deception?

  2. Fraud? And depending upon either the total amount of the donations and gifts (based on fraud), or the totals from individual donors, maybe larceny/grand larceny? Just guessing. wow....would love to get my hands on her to assess her diagnoses!!

  3. Aggravated Theft (value greater than $10,000). What a whack job!